Monty’s Crime Report: Keep your safes safe, and yourself safer…

This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, reports that although crime is high especially armed robberies and house robberies, he we want to ensure residents that we have a great relationship with SAPS and Neighbourhood Watch Groups. With a collective great team effort we have managed to make excellent arrests, putting a lot of the main wanted criminals behind bars.

With all the positive work, logically there’ll be negatives. He warns all firearm owners to take care of theirs as they are being targeted.  Please assist all uniform personnel to keep their firearms safe as they are becoming the main targets. Robbers have been targeting security personnel as well as the Police. They are targeted for their firearms, hand radios and vehicles, which they use as a getaway vehicle only.

Gangs are still targeting safes and are in full operation. They are not holding back and are more brazen than ever. He urges residents – especially business owners – to ensure that their safes are connected to a burglar alarm. As the owner of a weapon you need to be extra cautious and vigilant about the safety of your firearm. The Firearms Control act 60 of 2000 is very explicit about the responsibilities of owners to keep their firearms safe in order to prevent theft or loss – and the penalties for not doing so. Montgomery adds that sufficient layers of protection should be in place before burglars can gain access to the safe. There are two important places where criminals should not be able to gain access to: your safe and your alarm panel. Contact Atlas for more advice on this matter.

Another known factor is that suspects are well aware that most of the outbuildings / wendy houses and carports are not alarmed. This puts your vehicle at risk too, if it’s parked outside. Ensure that wendy houses are secured. On a weekly basis, Monty finds that tools are being fetched out of a wendy house and used to break into the property. Bicycles, lawn mowers, garden furniture, copper and steel are still regular items on a criminals list. These items are then sold to dealers and is a form of income to the criminals.

Lastly, safety habits to adopt when training in the dark:

Maintaining an active fitness routine during colder months is a challenge in itself. If you are one of those determined and driven athletes with commitment to training that borders on obsession, ensure you stay safe during the already darker months by adopting some of these safety habits.

1. If your training includes early morning or late afternoon outdoor activities, such as running or cycling, always do so in a group, refrain from carrying any valuables on your person, and always wear reflective clothing.

2. People driving to work early and returning home after sunset aren’t necessarily mindful of pedestrians, runners and cyclists. On the contrary, they’re most likely still waking up or are fatigued after a busy day. Apart from reflective clothing, increase your visibility by using glow-in-the-dark stickers on your cap and shoes, and wearing reflective wrist or ankle bands.

3. Prevent the risk of injury by running with a light of some form, be it a headlight or flashlight, to illuminate the road. It will also make you more visible for motorists.

4. Cyclists should ensure that both themselves and their bikes are noticeable. If riding under suburban streetlights, front and rear lights that mark you out to other road users are necessary. Poorly-lit riders will demand more powerful front illumination to pick out verges, speed humps and potholes.

5. Also remember to take spares if you’re going to be riding in the dark, so you won’t be left stranded if you hit a pothole, get a puncture from broken glass, or if you encounter any mechanical problems.

6. It’s advisable that you vary your routes to prevent a potential criminal from determining your routine. By the same token, try to stick to well-populated and well-lit routes, and make sure you familiarise yourself with the area should you need to take a shortcut home in case of an unexpected injury or emergency situation.

7. When running in the dark it’s safest to do so without headphones, so you can pay extra attention to your surroundings.

Stay safe and rest assured, your world is secure in Atlas’ hands.