This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, expresses grave concern about the rise and degree of house robberies in the Metro. It has escalated and the attacks are more vicious. He shares that home invasions are extremely traumatic and doesn’t wish this experience on anyone, as these perpetrators leave families in a state of shock when their private space is invaded.

Monty urges readers to look at their situation in detail and to seriously consider adding extra layers of protection should there be a lack thereof. Make sure that your property is properly secured. Having no layers in place will put you on the target list. Lastly and most importantly is that you have a means of calling for help/back-up during an emergency. If you’re relying on your alarm and panic buttons, make sure that they are in good working order and test it more often than never.

He adds that this is why he urges readers to go the extra mile and have double security measures in place. These security measures are very affordable and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. This means doubling up on your burglar alarm equipment and installing the latest equipment. He also reminds readers to have a trustworthy keyholder.

The week was the last week of school holidays, so he urges readers to assist with safeguarding scholars next week as they return back to school. Make sure that the school has a policy regarding the collection of, particularly, very young children – they may not allow your child to leave the premises with someone that they are not familiar with, especially without notification from you. This now also means that homes will be unoccupied during the day – be sure to arm your alarm.

Armed robberies have spiralled out of control due to many factors. It’s obviously flourishing because it’s so lucrative. He urges shop owners to keep their valuables to the minimum on site to prevent major losses.

In general Monty commented that communities have been extremely helpful this week in sharing information. A lot of serious crimes were prevented due to this as well as good response times from our officers. This also had a knock on effect on burglaries which ended in attempted burglaries with zero loss. He urges residents to keep up the good work and stand together to fight crime. This is great team work

He, furthermore, reminds readers that the smaller petty crimes are still ongoing and on top of our lists. Theft out of motor vehicles continues to be a headache in all areas. Criminals know that the boot of a car tends to contain valuables and therefore the number of incidents have increased

Monty issued a warning about theft from yards. He finds that residents are making it far too easy for criminals to enter their gardens by leaving their valuables unprotected. He warns that thieves are targeting wendy houses/garages, bicycles, garden tools, toys as well as copper pipes, aluminium and brass. These things might seem small but there’s a market out there for re-selling. Be sure to lock away moveable goods and protect your taps and water meters. Motor vehicles parked outside are also targeted for their wheels/rims.

Normally, dogs would bark hysterically when thieves are roaming around your neighbourhood. Do the necessary checks when your dog barks anxiously. Monty suggests investigating without putting yourself in danger. DO NOT go outside to investigate – rather switch on your outside lights and observe.

Lastly, Monty warns readers to be careful when shopping and withdrawing money. There are still criminals thriving on card scamming etc. Also be careful when you see cash in transits operating at a shop. Please keep up the good work and help us keep our city safe and avoid losses. Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.