After all the warnings and newsletters that have since gone out, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, would like everyone to get back to basics. Simple security like, locking your doors even when you are at home. Burglar proofing on your windows will delay any intrusion. Walk through your home or business and check if there have been any attempted burglaries.

For any subscribers who are leaving town – please make sure that your alarm is adequate and armed. Monty cannot stress this enough – we have come across too many burglaries where the alarm is there but not being utilised like it should be. Make sure that if you are leaving home, your alarm is armed, even if you are slipping away to the shop. Monty has requested that a Keyholder meet us within 10 minutes of the alarm activation – a lot can be done in a short period of time but we can avoid a major loss.

Monty warns those who unknowingly make their home an easy target. When you are home alone make sure that the house looks as though someone is home. By closing everything up and keeping your presence a mystery, we are attracting intruders. A few homes have been left vacant while the home owners are on holiday and they leave the front porch light on. The suspects take note of this and watch your home – rather have someone come to your home daily to check that all is okay.

We have picked up on a trend with the alarm systems being ripped or the power being put off. The suspects are aware that should they switch your power off and you do not react to that – within a few hours your alarm will not be working. Monty warns those leaving town – the suspects do not necessarily intrude on the day they switch the power off as they know they have time. Take each activation that comes through as serious unless you are aware of a false alarm.

Monty urges all subscribers to insist on response checking the site – do not assume that everything is okay when you are unaware of what could have triggered your alarm.

When going out or leaving your home and you are aware of the fact that your vehicle will be parked for a few hours – please make sure all your valuables are left at home. We are all making this too easy for a quick smash and grab. Monty advised that a lot of vehicle owners tend to take their valuables out of the vehicle and place them in the boot – there are people watching you.

Due to the spike in panels being ripped during intrusions – we ask that you please contact us should you want a quote for an effective security measure to avoid this from happening. For more information please contact us on 0861 585 585 and speak to Chantel Olivier or alternatively you can email us

A method that has proven its effectiveness is having magnetic door contacts on all internal doors as well. Although we have magnetic contacts on our windows and external doors – those can get damaged and if not checked regularly could not be in working order. Monty encourages all home owners to close all internal doors when leaving your home. This restricts intruders with the whereabouts of the next passive in the passage etc. This prevents intruders from moving around in the home freely.

Please be aware of your surroundings – robberies from person and in shopping centres are ludicrous at the moment. Should you be a victim to any of the above – you need to know when and how to take cover.

Stay safe this weekend!