This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, reports that home invasions have picked up over the past few weeks. He adds that the criminals make off with quite a substantial amount of loot, since victims are often ordered to hand over all their valuables or have their lives threatened.

Fortunately the SAPS and all security service providers are on a “zero tolerance” mission. Please ensure that your firearms, jewellery and electronic devices are kept out of sight. Criminals have also made it clear that they are on the hunt for firearms as the number of firearms lost has increased substantially. We do not want any firearms to land in the wrong hands.

Elderly & Children: Do you have a security plan in place for them? Monty urges readers to be extra careful with our elderly and kids as they are so precious to us. Unfortunately they are the main targets at the moment. Let us do whatever it takes to keep them safe and secured. Issue them with the necessary safety tips and tools to keep them safe.

Perimeter protection remains one of Monty’s main concerns. Always remember that even if your boundary wall is fitted with electric fencing, you should still ensure that you have a strong gate with a good lock.. He still finds suspects targeting gates and corners for weak spots to gain entry. Ensure that you do the necessary to keep criminals out of your property.

Recent statistics published in the media revealed an increase in the number of dogs poisoned. Monty urges readers to look after their four-legged friends. They are only good to their owners if they are protected. Take note when your pets alert you that there may be a problem on our property. Pay attention to their different types of barking. Criminals are ruthless with our animals and might assault, poison or kill them.

Do you have dogs that sleep in your garden? Ensure that they are well protected so that criminals cannot harm them or lock them in a section of the yard, allowing the criminals to easily break into your house. Normally, dogs would bark hysterically when thieves are roaming around your neighbourhood. Do the necessary checks when your dog barks anxiously. Monty suggests investigating without putting yourself in danger. DO NOT go outside to investigate – rather switch on your outside lights and observe.

Theft from person and out of vehicles is currently out of control. Make sure that you park your vehicle in a safe place. Do not leave ANY valuables in your vehicle. Criminals will smash your window for anything that they can lay their hands on. Stay focused when walking around and avoid being on your cell phone. DO NOT listen to music with earphones when out and about. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Lastly, he mentions that we can improve and control remote jamming and hijacking by just being aware of our surroundings. Stay calm and alert so that you can identify people with bad intentions.
Spot would-be criminals early so that they can cancel their plans and be discouraged to commit the crime.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.