This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, warns residents that front doors burglaries have sky rocketed. He found that the burglars are now becoming greedy by targeting a lot more than just Plasma TVs.

Monty urges residents to pack away their valuables such as jewellery, laptops and tablets at night time. Put all the valuables in a safe place especially when you leave your house for work. By doing this, you’ll make it difficult for criminals to find your valuables when they rush into your home/business. Remember, the criminals have very little time to rummage through your house, therefore it is up to you to make it difficult for them.

He also warns that burglars are returning to sites on more than one occasion, and urges residents and business owners to beef up their security after an intrusion. Owners must realize that these robbers know your security set up and are fully aware that you will replace your stolen items in due time.

So after a burglary, make clever changes so that intruders do not return and if they do try to return, catch them off guard with your additional security measures.

Hijacking is in the limelight and is increasing drastically. These gangs are very organized and love to follow people from the ATM after they withdraw large sums of cash. Monty emphasized that residents must be aware of their surroundings when arriving and leaving their destination. Hijackers are becoming so brazen that they are assaulting, raping and even murdering their victims. He urges residents to be vigilant and step out of their comfort zones.

Montgomery issues another warning to communities to give heed to criminals who strike at public events such as churches, funerals and weddings. These criminals arrive, dressed for the occasion and blend in, then steal valuables – especially handbags. Only once they’ve (criminals) left the function, do the people realize that they’ve been robbed. Monty advises guests never to leave their valuables unattended at functions like these.

Lastly, Monty warns that criminals are becoming extremely ruthless and are going to extremes by hurting and injuring their victims. Some even go as far as killing them. Another fact: do not be fooled, burglars can be any race, any age or gender.

Till next week, stay safe.