As crime remains a matter of concern in the Metro, Atlas Security Operations Manager, Monty Montgomery urges subscribers to remain up to date with incidents happening around them. Remember, all subscribers are entitled to our crime map which gives detailed information on all incidents:

While you are out and about, here are some tips that were issued as protective measures: 

  • Do not leave your valuables in sight
  • Prepare your journey by packing all your valuables where they’re safe before you leave either from work to home or vice versa
  • Stop using mobile phones while driving or at intersections; one can still return calls when you have arrived at your destination
  • Observe your surroundings
  • Do not wear or expose expensive jewellery.

Let’s be careful when moving around and going about our daily task. The less opportunities we create, the less crime will take place.

Card fraudsters are at it again and therefore Monty warns readers to be very careful when shopping or withdrawing cash.

  • Use ATM’s where you feel the most comfortable.
  • Be vigilant and avoid using the ATM where suspicious-looking individuals are loitering.
  • Have your card ready in your hand before you approach the ATM.
  • Do not use the ATM if it appears to be tampered with or damaged.

Monty urges residents to look out for our tourists visiting our beautiful city. They are vulnerable and extremely easy targets. If you spot a tourist in need or in a sticky situation, reach out and help by calling the security authorities.

Monty’s biggest concern at the moment is home invasions. He cannot emphasize enough that residents should secure their properties making it as difficult as possible – for intruders to enter. Have forewarning devices in place to alert you before they gain entry into your home. Arm your alarms and ensure that your dogs can safely warn you of any intruders nearby.

How should you react when your dog barks hysterically?

Do the necessary checks when your dog barks anxiously. Monty suggests investigating without putting yourself in danger. DO NOT go outside to investigate – rather switch on your outside lights and observe.

Hijackings are still rife in the Metro. The vehicles transporting high value goods are the most targeted at the moment. Monty reminds business owners to educate their drivers and urge them to be extremely alert and cautions. Advise them not to take shortcuts through high risk areas.

Recently, Monty noticed that business owners are not taking the effort to secure their properties to the maximum. Criminals target them during the evening because of the easy access and the fact that no one is on the premises.

Lastly Monty reminds residents that the homeless and drug addicts are still a major problem and are increasing. They are responsible for petty crime. Therefore it’s critical that we all stop being negligent and start being streetwise human beings. Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.