This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, talks about scholars who are currently on holiday. So far, in terms of crime, Atlas managed to have the situation under control even though crime is still high.

Monty urges residents to keep their children safe during vulnerable holiday times. He encourages communities and neighbours to look after each other. During the holidays, he advised parents not to leave their children at home alone. He suggests that parents and neighbours team up and take turns to look after the kids. By doing this, you have less chance of becoming a target.

If you plan on going away for a day or two, Monty reminds residents to have dedicated keyholder/s who are available to meet Response Officers on site and to ensure that the Armed Response Officers have access to the front and back of your property.

He, furthermore, reminds readers that the smaller petty crimes are still ongoing and on top of our lists. Theft out of motor vehicles continues to be a headache in all areas. Criminals know that the boot of a car tends to contain valuables and therefore the number of incidents has increased. We are currently in the middle of the April school holidays and criminals have increased their “shopping sprees”. Monty believes that all types of crime increases during holidays due to all the activities/events happening in the Metro i.e. theft of motor vehicles, theft out of motor vehicles, burglaries and home invasions.

ATM card scammers are also in full swing with tourists being hit the hardest. Monty warns never to accept help from strangers. If someone stands too close to you while you’re using the ATM – ask them to step back. If they don’t, be very assertive and tell them to BACK OFF!

Roof burglaries and front door intrusions are escalating. The latest incident took place at a business in Paterson Road, North End. Make sure your alarm system is adequate and in a good working condition. Stay one step ahead of these criminals by having the best line of defence in place. Have a look at the contents you are protecting at home or at your business and compare that with your security in place. Ensure that you have top notch security barriers to minimize your loss.

All sorts of crimes are taking place at the moment and therefore Monty urges the public to be more aware of their surroundings and to assist with the fight against crime. Be more vigilant and look after each other.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.