This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, sadly reports that the front door kickers are increasing their activities in the Bay. It is rife at the moment with doors flying open and Plasma TV’s disappearing in numbers.

Monty advises that they mainly operate during the day and commit their crime within seconds.

He found that the burglars are becoming greedier by targeting a lot more than just Plasma TVs. Make sure that your front door, gates and perimeter gates are secured properly. Also make it very difficult for intruders to enter your property.

If you hear the noise of a door being kicked in and/or a car reversing into your neighbour’s yard – do not get involved. Do not try and apprehend them. Write down the vehicle registration number and any other details and phone your security company and the Police.

Next up Monty discusses home invasions / house robberies. He highlights an incident that took place at a residence in Miramar this week. A suspect (who probably monitored the victim’s daily/nightly routine) attacked a homeowner who opened her back door in the middle of the night to let her dog out.
Criminals are clever and watch your every move before they strike and when opening your doors, you are extremely vulnerable as your alarm is off. You should be vigilant, even when at home, and make sure you are aware of your surroundings. He adds a reminder – an increase in visitors to your home obviously increases the valuables onsite. More socializing and braais automatically mean more handbags, cell phones and tablets in homes.

More Modus Operandi to note:
• Suspects who break in while you’re not at home and wait for you inside the house.
• Suspects who break in while you are at home and hide in your bathroom.
• Suspects who break in to unprotected areas and destroy your alarm system.

He reminds residents to be alert. Be aware when you arrive at home – look around before you enter your house. Residents and business owners are advised to beef up their security – especially after an intrusion.

On a very serious note, Monty reports that it has come to his attention that there is very little protection around safes in homes and businesses. Recently numerous safes were forced open and removed from walls with ease and had very little protecting them. He urges readers to look at the contents of their safes and decide on the type of protection that should be in place. Interested in protecting your safe? Email for more information.

A very important matter that Monty wishes to share with readers is the matter of Armed Response Officers being able to access premises. It has come to his attention that suspects hide at the back of properties and wait for Atlas to arrive -. Once the Officer arrives, he does not have access to the property at back which means the suspects successfully flee the scene. He urges subscribers to make arrangements regarding Armed Response access to their property. Should you wish to have one of our Senior Operations Officers to meet with you, in order to assess and discuss your current level of access to the premises, please do not hesitate to contact our offices.

Monty recently discovered that many homes that were burgled had pet friendly sensors installed – which obviously failed to activate. This is a false sense of security and criminals thrive on it. Think twice about this option and relook at your alarm equipment if you previously had a pet friendly alarm installed. If you do not have pets living inside your home anymore – then definitely change your burglar alarm system.

Lastly he shares that roof and normal burglaries are still ongoing. He notes with great concern that criminals are extremely ruthless at the moment, following the incident where robbers fired numerous shots at one of our Response Officers. They fire their weapons without hesitation.

Take care and look after yourself. Remember…the criminal is only as successful as we make him…because of our own negligence. Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.