Welcome to our new Uitenhage/Despatch edition of AlarmingNews. We chatted to Atlas Operations Manager, Monty Montgomery about crime in the Uitenhage and Despatch areas and asked him for some advice for subscribers living and working in these areas.

Monty has noticed a definite increase in crime especially near the railway line and dense bushy areas. So far, with the assistance of the public and the Atlas armed response vehicles, we have managed to keep the losses (suffered after a burglary) very low. Although businesses and industrial areas suffered the most burglaries, residential areas seem to be under control. He warns businesses that criminals are targeting computers and laptops, in particular. His advice is to make sure that these items are securely locked away in a safe or behind a barrier.

Once again, Monty appeals to alarm owners to evaluate their alarms. He has noticed that alarms older than 10 years do not keep criminals at bay compared to the latest technologies. On a daily basis he visits crime scenes where criminals bypass these older alarms. He urges subscribers to stay one step ahead of the criminal elements by having the best lines of defense in place. In addition to this he advises subscribers not to hesitate to contact Atlas for a free risk assessment where we will evaluate your current alarm to ensure that you have sufficient protection. To test your alarm you can call Atlas to perform a “walk” test of the alarm system, or you can schedule a technician to test your alarm and address any faults.

With spring and summer fast approaching, residents tend to sleep with open windows. Monty rules out opening a window without any burglar bars. He also advises that having a pet sleep in your bedroom is a great forewarning when danger approaches.

Montgomery warns that the same crime trends that occur in Port Elizabeth also filter down to Uitenhage and Despatch. This includes front door burglaries, the so-called angle-grinder gang and the roof burglars. He urges residents and businesses alike to make sure they have adequate protection, particularly on front doors and in their roof spaces.

Lastly, Monty issues a serious warning to the public that crime in general is on the increase. Do not let your guard down. Be aware of your surroundings and make sure that you have sufficient protection.

Stay safe, until next time.