This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, shares some exciting news regarding the upcoming festive season. The Atlas team as well as the SAPS and other crime fighters are ready for the upcoming silly season. He adds that a lot of hard work and planning is taking place behind the scene to make the season a fun, safe and secure time of year.

Again, Monty urges the public to assist in keeping the metro safe. Members of the community play a vital role by being their eyes and ears. Those who are not going away for the holiday season, play a very important role in their areas by keeping it clean from criminal elements.

Those who will be travelling, please ensure that your property is locked and secured and have a plan in place should an intrusion occur while you’re away.

Sadly, as much as we are planning to keep areas safe, certain bad elements are also hard at work, planning how they’ll commit crimes to enrich themselves.

Monty emphasizes that residents should always safeguard their valuables ie. Handbags, wallets and car keys during social gatherings at home. Always keep your gates and doors locked, especially when ‘braaing’ at the back of your home.

He urges those residents who will be staying home – to remain vigilant and be actively involved in fighting crime. If you’re going away, he recommends that owners check that their alarms are in good working order. Roof burglaries are still a hot topic at the moment and therefore it is imperative your roof space is covered.

On a very serious note, Monty touches on home invasions. He highlights this due to the seriousness of the matter. He reiterates that negligence resulted in home invasions during the last couple of months. He finds far too many incidents where people are waking up with criminals already inside their home, next to their beds attacking them. At the end of the day, victims repeatedly say: they should’ve, would’ve, and could’ve.

We are on a mission this festive season – to get rid of the negligence which results in crime.

Monty reports that it has come to his attention that there is very little protection in bathrooms. He issues a vital plea to readers to add extra protection to bathrooms. Ensure that your bathroom is properly protected – a magnetic contact on the internal door is a good addition

Lastly, Monty finds that some keyholders are not very reliable. He urges subscribers to choose their keyholders wisely – choose people that have your property and best interests at heart. Do not be negligent.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.