This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, highlights the importance of perimeter protection. More and more as he patrols the streets, he notices many homes and businesses with no perimeter wall or fencing, allowing free and easy access to the criminal. External protection is vital in today’s world.

The next important point he raised was protecting your external gates with decent locks and anti lift devices. By doing this you’re making the criminal’s job difficult and this will hopefully move them along to an easier target.

Thirdly, after installing all these layers, he reminds the public to keep their gates closed and actually locking the padlock. Furthermore he added that the thickness of your gates is also vital.
Be careful of lightweight gates, they are easy to bend and break. Monty also wishes to advise the readers to add more than one lock on a security gate – top, middle and bottom. This is an important deterrent and will again make burglars think twice.

Hijacking is definitely on the rise in the Metro with the majority occurring in your driveway. Be cautious when leaving and arriving at home/work. This is the place where you usually let your guard down. Montgomery advises homeowners to make sure that their family and friends are safe when they arrive and leave your house. A follow up call/message to your family is also recommended to check if they arrived safely.

Monty also warns the public to take extra care at traffic lights. Beggars and street vendors are out to distract you in order to commit their crime.

All armed security and police officials are warned to be careful of hostage situations. Criminals are on the hunt for firearms. Residents are also reminded to safeguard their firearms at home.

This week different neighbourhood watch groups warned of bogus callers operating in their areas. Monty reports that these people pose as suppliers i.e. electricians from the Metro or different aspects of life. Their aim is to get into your house and conduct a robbery/theft. He warns that these suspects are definitely not alone and it is a trick to get into your home.
Monty advises:
• Do not entertain them.
• Do not allow them access to your property.

Lastly Monty confirms that front door burglaries are still ongoing. Residents should be extra careful when withdrawing money at an ATM. Reminder not to leave your laptops/tablets lying around the house at night.

Until next week, stay safe.