Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager has issued a very serious warning this week concerning home invasions. More and more people are waking up with robbers next to their beds. The scary part is that the victims believed that it would never happen to them.

This terrible crime is becoming a daily occurrence due to the fact that it’s extremely lucrative to the robbers. The elderly are mostly being targeted, reported Monty Montgomery. He pleads with the public to look out for their elderly family members. Firstly, make sure that they have an alarm system and know how to use it during the day and night. Ensure that they have a safe room that can lock should they find themselves in an emergency. The elderly must please be aware of people knocking on doors while they are alone at home during the day, as these perpetrators could be sussing out the layout of houses.

Monty urges all subscribers to please not confront anyone but to rather call for assistance. If you are having supper, make sure your doors or gates are locked – you are always vulnerable if you are creating loop holes like open doors and windows while at home. This has caused major concerns regarding home invasions.

Another serious crime that must be addressed is attacks when you arrive and leave your home. Be very careful and alert, especially when you come home late at night.

Robbery from person is becoming lucrative too. This week a student was stabbed for his cell phone. Note that this type of crime is becoming dangerous as guns and knives are used.

Monty reports that the majority of people are still not arming their alarms especially when they pop out for 5 minutes and at night when they go to bed. He noticed that both domestic and business premises are guilty of not protecting their alarm panels.

Theft out of vehicles is an ongoing problem. DO NOT leave valuables in your vehicles – it attracts attention.

Monty urges readers to walk through their homes and look at their alarms. Look at what is protecting you and your assets? Is it sufficient? Atlas is offering all readers a free risk assessment quote. Contact our office on 0861 585 585 or email .

Lastly, Monty mentions that daily window burglaries occur. Most of these windows have no magnetic contacts on them. He strongly suggests this as an additional deterrent.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.