Due to good responses we have managed to have a successful week. Unfortunately, perpetrators are determined to be successful in their “shopping escapades” that they too find a way to beat the system.

During the past week we had an incident at a commercial property. The burglars got in through the roof and ripped the alarm – thus giving us only one signal. Atlas had one chance to make an arrest as that is the only way it will stop them however the keyholder did not come down to site. The next morning the business was opened, only to find a substantial loss due to the suspects being inside the premises. We urge you to please come down to site and open up for the response officer and have him check the premises on the inside. Most of our commercial burglaries have roof entries; we cannot see that unless we climb onto a roof or enter the premises. Should we avoid a substantial loss due to a quick response and checking the premises, the burglars will continue until they have a successful burglary.

Silly season is approaching us with speed and so are the Cash In Transit heists. Please make sure that you are vigilant and do not become a victim to one of these scary robberies. Burgalrs do not care who gets harmed in the process so make sure you take cover and stay vigilant. Monty also urges all those with safes at home to make sure the amount of cash is not substantial; you will be forced to open it should you be home. There are still far too many domestic sites with large amounts of cash on site.

Monty urges all business owners to make polygraphs part of your contract, when employing someone you need to know that you are allowed to do random polygraph testing and know that you can trust your staff who might deal with very “high profiled” business information. This way you are in control of your staff at all times.

The amount of home invasions while home owners are on site has reduced fortunately; we thank you for staying vigilant. Clearly the information provided on the newsletters is being taken into consideration. Therefore there have been more attempted burglaries where the home owners have heard or noticed something and chased the suspects away by shouting etc. Remember to never confront but rather notify us by hitting your panic!

There have been at least 4 robberies from person in the Summerstrand area this past week. We ask all those walking during the day or night to please stay weary of your surroundings and rather stay in groups. We have noticed that less and less people are walking with high value items, well done! Beware, you are always being watched.

We have seen a dramatic change in the amount of vehicles being left outside; this has reduced the amount of theft of motor vehicles and theft out of motor vehicles. We do however still encourage you to park your vehicle in a garage should you have one because the burglars are still tempted should they see your vehicle behind locked gates.

With school exams approaching, please make sure your loved ones are safe during the day. For those who are not going to school due to a “block day” make sure there is someone at home with them. For those ending school earlier due to exams, make sure you have made alternative arrangement for your kids to be collected from school so that they don’t need to hang around the school grounds alone.

Take care and know that your world is secure in our hands!