This week, Atlas Security Operations Manager, Monty Montgomery, warns against the sudden surge in home invasions. He urges the community to stay calm and follow the basic steps to keeping safe. “Do not be negligent and always be alert and aware of your surroundings.”

Home Invasions: Do you have an elderly family member living alone? This week elderly residents were targeted by home invaders. Fortunately the victims were not seriously injured during the incident. Elderly people and children often fall victim to criminals and the elderly are often targeted, tied up and beaten for loot. Monty urges families to look after their elderly as well as their children. “The last thing we want is for them to be unexpectedly surprised by an intruder next to their bed. Make sure that your loved ones at least have a basic alarm – a lifeline – a panic button. Let’s look after our loved ones, young and old.”

According to Monty, sufficient outdoor lighting and owning big dogs have proven to be strong deterrents. He believes the type of dog plays a big role when burglars choose their victims. “Larger, louder dogs most certainly prove a good deterrent.”
He urges subscribers to NEVER confront intruders since they could be armed and dangerous. “Never attempt to confront intruders. Doing so will make them feel threatened and they will most likely retaliate,” says Monty.

Armed Robberies: 24 hour shops are extremely vulnerable and invasions at these businesses are occurring very regularly and major losses are suffered. “The owners of 24 hour shops or businesses must make sure that they have adequate security measures in place.” Monty also advises business owners to increase the number of night shift staff.

“Front door kickers” are back – are you protected?
Front doors are currently one of the preferred entry points for house break-ins. All Atlas Alarm Systems are programmed to have entry and exit delays, which allow you to disarm/arm your alarm system without triggering the system as you enter/leave the premises. When you enter your home, the system enters the entry delay cycle. If the system has not been disarmed by the end of the entry delay, the alarm will be triggered. During the entry/exit delay mode, certain programmed parts of your alarm system, will not trigger a signal to our Control Centre.
Please contact the Atlas Technical Call Centre on 0861 585 585 or email should you wish to have your delay time reduced.

What to do after your front door was kicked in:
• Perimeter access should be evaluated – see your home through the eyes of a criminal – the more “layered” your security barriers are, the less likely your home will become a target
• Consider fitting your front door with extra locks, making it harder for intruders to kick the door in
• Reinforce your outside doors or install sturdier doors
• Install sturdy security gates at outside doors as well as at strategic points inside the dwelling
Let’s work together and take back our streets. Be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour immediately.
Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.