This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, warns us of the increase in crime statistics. Although we have been sending out warnings – this has not stopped the rate at which crime has hit the city.

Armed robberies have taken petrol stations and stores by storm! Monty reported that more firearms are being used in these robberies. The last 3 robberies had a total of at least 5 firearms per robbery. The suspects do not look any different from your every day shopper. The first suspect will walk in and scout around – there will always be 3 or 4 suspects close behind him who will all be armed. Suspects will wait outside the premises and most of the time more in a get-a-way vehicle. In recent robberies Monty confirms that should the thieves not be able to open the safe, they will blow it up in the presence of hostages. Business premises need to upgrade their camera systems so that footage is readily available and clearly visible.

The CIT vans are still being targeted. Please don’t be naïve – if you do not feel comfortable in an area, leave until it appears safe. In the last few commercial invasions – suspects have stolen uniforms. They will use these as disguises – if you ever encounter this please find help immediately. We have encountered suspects who pose as customers who wish to fill their vehicles with petrol – they actually fill the vehicles – a few suspects will then climb out of the car and enter the shop (this as any normal family occurrence) and they then usher the attendants into the shop under the pretext of paying.

Monty has picked up that even the jewellery some woman wear are attracting hijackings – please be vigilant and know the area you are driving into. Pick up on unfamiliar activity and be aware of people walking around your car or even cars that look suspicious.

We still find a lot of home owners using alarm boards as a sense of security but do not have an alarm system installed. Monty advises that this is definitely a false sense of security and burglars are not intimidated by them.

Home invasions are still a major concern – Monty reported that the only decrease we are now seeing is in Walmer Heights were extra visibility has been enforced and as a result of the cameras that were installed in Beethoven Avenue.

The items that are being stolen are extremely valuable – some are even inherited items. There is no cost on losing something like this, you cannot replace them. Please make sure that you have all the security measures in place to save these valuables.

Please stay safe this weekend and know that your world is secure in our hands.