This week Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, highlights that all Uitenhage and Despatch readers have been spoilt with a fairly safe environment. Yes, crime has increased, but we assure you that we are continuously fighting crime.

Monty shares our current mission – to take back the city and clean up the streets. What can you do to be part of the solution? Monty advises residents to actively participate in the fight against crime by being the eyes of law enforcement and keeping ears to the ground. Listen and peep out your window when your neighbour’s burglar alarm activates. If you see anything, report it to the security company and the Police. Some important deterrents Monty believes in, are sufficient outdoor lighting and owning big dogs; he finds that the type of dog plays a big role when burglars choose their victims – with larger, louder dogs being a more obvious deterrent than smaller breeds.

Again, Monty calls upon the public to assist uniformed crime fighters. Our local SAPS are hosting community events and again, he urges the community to support these initiatives.

Monty emphasizes that the SAPS needs our assistance with petty crime in order that they may focus on more serious crime. Thanks to Atlas’ dedicated Armed Response vehicles and neighbourhoods’ support, we have managed to keep crime at bay.

Monty issues a warning and wants readers to be aware that armed robbers, roof breakers and front-door kickers are still around. We have managed to keep the incidents to a minimum thanks to good response times and the community being more vigilant.

Fraud in our city has sky rocketed. He warns residents to stay away from deals that sound too good to be true. Be aware of spam emails and refrain from giving out your personal information via email or sales phone calls.

Monty would like to remind the readers that in the past week we experienced a bit of everything. We recently saw a house robbery as well as industrial and home invasions. Thanks to good response times, most of the incidents ended in attempts with very little loss. Monty wishes to thank the SAPS for their assistance with the recent house robbery – arrests were made and stolen goods retrieved.

Until next week, stay safe.