This week Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, has identified that many residential and business premises do not have sufficient perimeter protection. Firstly, he emphasizes that this is your primary line of barrier defence and secondly, external gates must be securely locked.

Common burglaries in the Uitenhage and Despatch areas this week were burglaries through windows – especially bathroom windows. Criminals know that bathrooms are traditionally badly protected and have targeted these weak areas.

Monty has also reported that the quality of burglar proofing in the UD are is very weak. Flimsy burglar proofing, used as a deterrent, has given residents a false sense of security, as it provides an easy means of access to your property.

This week an Atlas subscriber had a burglary in the Uitenhage area where no perimeter defences were in place. The front door was kicked in and access was gained. Monty advises residents to keep security gates locked and add extra reinforcements to your front doors (e.g. extra locks). Keep driveway gates, pedestrian gates and front doors locked at all times (especially if they can be seen from the road). Install anti-lift devices on your roller gates to avoid the gate being lifted off the rail.

Lastly, as home invasions are on the rise in the Port Elizabeth area, it is only a matter of time before they move inland. Residents of Uitenhage and Despatch should exercise vigilance already, by arming their stay modes at night and making sure that their alarm systems are as robust as possible for their needs.

Till next week, stay safe.