Monty’s Crime Report: Vehicle Safety!

Vehicles left unattended continues to remain a major concern in the Metro as reported by Monty Montgomery, Atlas Security Operations Manager. Monty says “They are either stolen; stripped or expensive valuables are stolen from them. This crime flourishes because it’s so easy and residents  have little to no solutions in protecting them.”

The criminal element is taking advantage and targeting vehicles parked outside. Unfortunately, these residents are forced to leave their vehicles in an unprotected space. Monty adds “residents, especially students, are not to leave any valuables inside their vehicles. Placing valuables in your boot is also not advisable, as burglars can easily gain access via the back seat of your car. Also, do not pack your valuables in the boot of the vehicle after parking in a public area. Many times criminals are watching you and strike thereafter.” On the topic of motor vehicles, obviously it’s more difficult to steal modern vehicles, which do not need a key to open or start the car. Monty warns that this does not stop the criminals. They will go to the extreme lengths of hijacking or breaking into your premises for the key / spare key – he therefore urges everyone to have a plan in place to prevent this crime.

Monty cautions that the front-door kicking gang is still out targeting vulnerable homes. This is happening throughout Uitenhage, Despatch and Port Elizabeth with Plasma TVs and laptops being at the top of their list. This specific crime takes place any time of the day.

Armed robberies are still ongoing – be careful when shopping. Be alert and take cover should you walk into an armed robbery in progress.

Safety tasks that should be on your pre-holiday checklist

The excitement of going away, whether for a holiday or just the long weekend, can often be overshadowed by the worry of whether your home will be safe in your absence. Make a habit of jotting down a checklist with precautionary measures you can take to help give you peace of mind.

Use these safety tasks to help get you started:

·         Test your alarm to make sure it’s in good working order. Also remember to arm it before leaving, and ensure that you’ve closed all the windows to reduce the risk of false alarms in your absence.
·         Make sure you have sufficient outdoor lighting and that the globes haven’t blown. Remember to set your indoor lights on a timer.
·         Set your outdoor beams on a timer to reduce the risk of false alarms while you’re away.
·         Notify your neighbours that you won’t be at home, so they can help to keep an eye out for you.
·         Unplug your electronics to ensure they will be safe from damage in case of a power failure or lightning storm.
·         Switch off your geyser to save on your electricity bill.
·         Secure your valuables. Place jewellery, extra cash or other valuables in your 24-hour alarmed safe.
·         Leave your house keys with a trusted family member or friend, who can gain access to your property in case of an emergency and notify us of this person’s details.

Safety Tips to protect your teenager

  • Make online safety non-negotiable
  • Remind them to stick together
  • Warn them about drugs
  • Teach them how to use a home alarm system
  • Install ICE on their cell phone
  • Watch out for fake policemen or municipal workers 
  • Keep gates closed
  • Talk about telephone safety
  • Keep emergency numbers handy

Let’s take control and be careful. Stay safe and rest assured, your world is secure in Atlas’ hands.