This week Monty Montgomery warns that the well-known angle grinder-gang have reappeared.
They are the brazen gangs who are extremely organized and are armed with angle-grinders, crowbars and sledgehammers and go out terrorising homes and business in the bay.

This week they gained entry into a drop safe at a business. While investigations were underway at the crime scene, Monty established that the gang is extremely organized. Before they gained entry, the gang had scouted out the various entry points to check what security protection was in place. The area that was not or least protected, would be their way in.

Monty urges, “both business and home owners must have enough coverage and ensure that they are well protected”. He suggests too that internal doors within office blocks should be protected by magnetic contacts. Particularly in offices containing valuable data and other high-value items.

Monty has identified that generally, properties which are targeted are normally under protected. He advises, “business and homeowners should review and increase their security barriers; in particular, they should evaluate their interior and exterior lighting and other physical security barriers such as gates and burglar bars, spikes on high walls, electric fencing, beams and access control measures. For Businesses, having Atlas CCTV Connect should be considered, as this enhances all other measures.”

On a separate note, Montgomery mentions that opportunistic crime is flourishing at the moment. The number of street kids and homeless people are increasing and naturally this means that they’ll find shelter at dilapidated or vacant buildings. The snowball effect to this is that petty crimes are increasing.

Monty believes that the Municipal bylaws should be exercised to control this problem. If the enforcement of these bylaws is strictly controlled then it will definitely kill petty crime which will most certainly have a positive effect on diminishing more serious crimes – much the same way as the ‘Broken Windows Policy’ did in New York several years back. He urges residents not to accept the violation of a municipal bylaw but rather react to it. Typical examples would be urinating in public, alcohol abuse in public, public indecency etc. Another great concern is the abuse of alcohol in public as this leads to vandalism to properties resulting in unnecessary damages.

Lastly, Monty advises that you only dispose of your garbage bags on the days that the Municipality collects. Preferably only take your bags out on the morning of collection, and as late as possible if someone is home to do so. Leaving the bags out overnight or outside for too long is an invitation and will definitely attract vagrants.

Until next week, stay alert and stay safe.