Monty’s Crime Report: We’re On For A Record breaking number of arrests for 2019.

Monty Montgomery, Atlas Security Operations Manager reiterates that it is the last week of November, before we hit December. The next 45 days might be a time to relax and unwind shop and have fun. But in the security industry it is a very important time for our Operations division. Extra teams are brought in to ensure the safety of our city.

As we approach the festive season, Monty urges each and every one to work together to make it a memorable one, with safety and security as our number one priority. So far we’re doing well; our team is amped and ready for the big days, with arrests being their main focus. Thus far we have we have made a staggering number of arrests for the year and the number is climbing. We are proud of our team’s arrests and look forward to the total at the end of the year. We are achieving our goals but criminals always remain full of tricks. Entry points vary at home and business invasions – from rooftops/balconies and normal doors and windows. Let’s take extra care to outsmart them.

Theft out of motor vehicle and thereof are still very high. Please avoid leaving any valuables in vehicles and park as secure as possible. When out shopping, remember that they are watching you fill your boot with parcels. So think twice about going for a second round of shopping with valuables left in your vehicle. Pedestrians, shoppers as well as cyclists are still targeted – be alert and try and stay in groups where possible.

Armed robberies are still dangerously high. Be aware of this crime and that it might unfold any time. If forewarning would always be helpful but will only be detectable if you’re aware of your surroundings. Be vigilant for signs and leave should you suspect any troublesome. A big concern at the moment is the number of security guards that are being overpowered before being able to get help. Protect them as best as possible to ensure that they’re safe at all times.

This time of the year house robberies and well organized home invasions normally peak for obvious reasons. Follow your basic safety procedures. Arm your alarms. Lock up and have the necessary barriers in place.

Please be extra cautious when arriving at home. If you notice anything untoward, do not enter your home. Do not discount the fact that you might walk into a house breaking in progress. This week a resident noticed movement in their home when they arrived. Fortunately they called Atlas Security to investigate before entering. The Response Officer caught the suspect red handed inside the house.

Lastly, those taking a well-deserved break out of town, ensure that you have reliable key holders and that our Officers have access to your premises. Most importantly, ensure that your alarms are working.

  • Pull your vehicle into the garage when you pack your luggage. Packing your vehicle in full view of the street will alert everyone of your intended holiday.
  • A week or two before leaving on vacation, phone Atlas and notify the Control Centre of the dates that you will be away. Also, ask the Control Centre to test your alarm system. By doing this early, you will be able to schedule a service call if something is wrong.
  • Leave a key with a friend so that they can collect any mail left in the letterbox. Do NOT label the keys with your address or even your house number in case they fall into the wrong hands.
  • Make sure that your prepaid telephone and electricity are topped up.
  • Make sure that all your valuables are stored in a safe place. Put any jewellery in a home safe.
  • Ensure you have serial numbers of your valuables.
  • Cancel deliveries of newspapers, etc. discreetly.
  • Do not publicly announce your departure. Many people do so on social media, unaware that criminals prowl the internet for such information.
  • Cutting the lawn before you go away can help make it look less obvious that the house in unoccupied.

Before you finally leave, lock all outside doors and windows and set your burglar alarm.

Stay safe and rest assured, your world is secure in Atlas’ hands.