This week Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager has realised that many residential and business premises do not have sufficient perimeter protection. Firstly, he emphasizes that this is your primary line of barrier defence and secondly, external gates must be securely locked.

Criminals know that bathrooms are traditionally badly protected and have targeted these weak areas.
He stresses the following vital lifelines:

• There must be a keypad in or near your bedroom.
• Try to have as many PIR’s armed at night when going to bed to eliminate movement in your house.
• Try and have a barrier, such as a gate between your bedrooms and the main living areas of your home
• Ensure that your bathroom is properly protected – a magnetic contact on the internal door is a good addition
• Ensure that your roof space has adequate protection, such as an ARP
• Ensure that you have a panic button close by.
• Test your alarm once a month.
• Check the age of your burglar alarm system.

Monty urgently encourages residents and businesses that are situated near 24 hour petrol stations to be aware of armed robberies. Assist them in getting help after an incident. Be their eyes and ears. All extra eyes will assist us in stopping this syndicate and make arrests.

A big concern to him is the number of vehicles being burgled this week. These numbers are far too high and climbing. House burglaries in certain areas in the Metro are also too high. Both these crimes are moving to different areas around the Bay. Monty warns that you should not be complacent if these crimes are not currently in your area. Continue to be alert and aware. Criminals are familiar with your area. He adds that house robberies seem to be under control, but still urges homeowners to assist in keeping this down.

Sadly criminals have a tendency to return to sites that they’ve hit before. They are in their comfort zone, know their way in and out, know your alarm details and return for the goods that you’ve replaced. Straight after an intrusion – fix the broken pieces, fix your alarm and place a security guard on site as criminals tend to return.

Lastly a word from Monty on industrial and commercial crime trends – roof breaks are ongoing. The key here for any business is adequate protection within the roof space. Many businesses share roof space and should, therefore, conduct regular inspections in order to check that things such as fire breaks are still in proper working order. Landlords should also be made aware and ensure that they have installed adequate measures to safeguard their tenants.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.