This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, reports that the SAPS and all security service providers are on a “zero tolerance” mission. Silly season is in full swing and a no-nonsense approach will be taken.

Monty urges everyone to stay safe and alert. Always be aware of your surroundings and look after each other – whether at home or out and about. A lot of visitors are expected during the festive season and Monty, therefore, urges all Metro residents to look after our visitors – look out for their safety, so that everyone can enjoy our great city, weather and entertainment.

Monty wants to echo all our warnings and remind readers about important do’s and don’ts. Focus on the basics. Focus on basics – be aware of neighbours – be aware of who’s staying home and who’s going on holiday. Many homes will be left unattended.

• Be aware. Make sure you know who belongs in the neighbourhood and who doesn’t.
• Talk to your neighbours.
• Look out for strangers or strange cars lurking around your neighbourhood.
• Educate your domestic workers and gardeners regarding security and being vigilant.
• If you hear the sound of a door definitely being kicked in and/or a car reversing into your neighbour’s yard – do not get involved. Do not apprehend them but rather press your panic button, write down the vehicle’s registration number and any other necessary details and phone your security company and the Police.

This time of the year, Monty normally notices an increase in home invasions. Be aware of suspicious people, as house robbers always visit a particular area before deciding on a house to burgle.

He issues a serious warning to house sitters – be very careful when checking on houses and feeding pets. He suggests that house sitters should not go to site alone, as they might walk in on robbers.

Readers must realize that wherever you go or whatever you do…know that you might encounter an armed robbery in progress. Look around and if something doesn’t look right – leave. Know exactly what to do should a robbery occur while you’re shopping. Do not scream and be alarmed. Stay calm – in order to get out of the ordeal safely.

Hijackings are on the rise. When out and about driving, ensure that all your doors are locked and windows closed. Always have a getaway plan – especially at high traffic zones. The first 3 vehicles at a stop are always at risk.

When out and about shopping – do not have conversations with people at shopping malls – especially not in the parking area. Also try not to shop alone. Once you’re in your vehicle – leave immediately.

Lastly Monty mentions that theft of vehicles and theft out of motor vehicles are happening more often and becoming very lucrative. He reminds readers not to leave their valuables in parked vehicles. Select your shopping centres wisely. Make sure that the place where you shop has a safe parking area.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.