“Festivities are increasing the closer we get to the end of the year,” says Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager. The Summerstrand area is one of the busiest suburbs during our festive months. Most of our attractions are there too – increasing the foot traffic and the amount of vehicles in the area. Monty reported that at the recent rugby event, over 42 000 members of the public had to park around the stadium and we had no reported incidents regarding theft from vehicle. Monty urges all those parking for events in certain areas to please make sure you do so in well lit areas – ensure that should you leave later, your vehicle is not secluded. This endangers your life and creates opportunities for perpetrators to attack you without being noticed.

Monty would like to warn all our subscribers of the following trends: we have had syndicates who take photos of you collecting jewellery, buying expensive gifts or drawing money at an autobank. They take pictures of you, send it to someone waiting on the outside and they attack you – that way you are not aware of the new face and do not think it could be a threat to you. Please make sure that when attending any of the above activities, you are vigilant, have someone with you or know how to take cover when something does not feel kosher.

Due to the cameras that have been installed in Beethoven Avenue – Monty reported that quite a few burglaries have been avoided or even attempted burglaries. We have been able to pick up on suspects trying to enter the suburb. Monty asks that should an incident occur, insist on opening a case with SAPS. We need the statistics to be correct. There are still a few homes that do not have any security systems in place – we urge you to please contact us and get the basics and not have intruders see these as target homes.

A few unfortunate incidents have taken place where the subscriber has high walls and electric fencing but an old or broken lock on the pedestrian gate. Besides the gate that is poorly protected, a lot of the new “sturdy” looking front doors also have poor locks on them and we suggest that you contact us to quote on a masterlock. Make sure that all round you have protected your home, gates and any outbuildings as best possible – for more information please contact us on 0861 585 585 or alternatively email us info@atlas24.co.za.

With the weekend coming up – which is our busiest time of the week, Monty urges all subscribers to please make sure you are safe and well informed. Thieves tend to thrive on homes that are left vacant for the weekend or where you have gone out for the night. Please make sure that your neighbours are well aware of your activities so that should they pick up any suspicious activity – they will be quick to hit their panic. It is of such importance to know who is around you, although we live in separate homes, we are all still one community!