This week, Monty Montgomery, Atlas Operations Manager, reports that the robbery from person is becoming a problem in this area. He also adds that Atlas managed to a make a great bust this week and managed to prevent great loss. Visit our Crime Snapshots for more info:

He also expressed concern over the number of home invasions that have taken place this past week. A home invasion is where criminals break into your premises while you are at home. This is one of the scariest events, one that we don’t like seeing and Monty finds that the stats are far too high and emphasizes the need to address this topic. People are assaulted and families left traumatized. Residents are taking the law into their own hands with far too many warning gunshots being fired which can result in tragedy. He therefore feels very strongly about controlling this situation.

Monty looked at the most recent house robberies and found an obvious pattern – the victims were not security conscious enough and didn’t have a back-up plan, thinking it would never happen to them.

He reiterates the following vital lifelines:

• There must be a keypad in or near your bedroom.
• Try to have as many PIR’s armed at night when going to bed to eliminate movement in your house.
• Try and have a barrier, such as a gate between your bedrooms and the main living areas of your home
• Ensure that your bathroom is properly protected – a magnetic contact on the internal door is a good addition
• Ensure that your roof space has adequate protection, such as an ARP
• Ensure that you have a panic button close by.
• Test your alarm once a month.
• Check the age of your burglar alarm system.

Your aim should be to not wake up with a suspect standing next to your bed with a weapon to your head. Three homes were invaded this week where occupants had no means of raising the alarm for urgent help. Fortunately, these incidents all had good endings – the victims were unharmed and able to get help.

Burglaries were also of concern this week and Monty elaborates by mentioning that a gang is sussing out which houses are unoccupied for a period. The homeowners are normally out of town with their homes left unattended. He urges home and business owners to pay attention to their security measures where dogs, alarm systems and external protection are in place. Monty finds that many residents have all of the above measures in place but do not use them. Therefore, he urges readers to be smart – do not follow the norm by installing just a basic alarm system. Criminals have caught onto this and are working harder and smarter to bypass the system wherever they can. He also reminds residents to close their curtains and blinds before it gets dark. Remember that criminals are watching you. The more you allow them to see, the easier it is for them to work out their master plan and be able to calculate their loot.

Monty explains that burglars are still breaking into roof spaces. Subscribers must realize and know that criminals are very clever. They plan their intrusions very carefully – obviously around the burglar alarm system so that they can go about their work without any interruptions which, most of the time, have a disastrous outcome. Their mission is to bypass the burglar alarm system and later return to empty the house.

He adds that this is why he urges readers to go the extra mile and have double security measures in place. This means doubling up on your burglar alarm equipment and installing the latest equipment. He also reminds readers to have a trustworthy keyholder.

He again raises concerns – particularly about business keyholders who fail to meet response officers after their alarm activates in the middle of the night. That one alarm signal or multiple zone activations received by Atlas could be your lifeline. Not meeting the response officer can result in major loss and buys criminals time to ransack the building. Always remember that the criminals are one step ahead and are well aware of these facts. Click Here to read more on the importance of having a dedicated keyholder.

Again Monty warns residents that front door burglaries are still happening in the Bay. He found that the burglars are becoming greedier by targeting a lot more than just Plasma TVs. This week a non-alarmed Perridgevale residence had their back door kicked in while the homeowner and domestic worker was on site. The burglars tied them up and proceeded to ransack the house. Thankfully the neighbouring Atlas subscriber heard the commotion and alerted our Control Centre and a Response Team was dispatched.

Lastly on the business side – Monty found more and more businesses are moving premises without planning their security timorously. They would move in without having their alarm and perimeter measures in place. Criminals have caught on to this and are taking advantage of the opportunity.

Stay safe and rest assured that your world is safe in Atlas’ hands.