Over 24,000 prisoners have been released from various prisons across the country, an act that realistically has no happy ending for residents and businesses in an already desperate economy. The release comes as a response to prisons being overcrowded by around 43%.


While there are many factors contributing to the increasing crime rate, the timeline of this release and the exponentially increasing crime rate over the past five months is something that can’t be ignored.


The final part of the grim picture of crime is the drastic shortage of resources within the SAPS.


The silver lining of the release (if there is one) is that only non-violent criminals and those convicted of non-sexual crimes were released. Individuals serving life sentences, sex offenders, those guilty of tampering with essential infrastructure, and declared dangerous criminals were not considered for release.


But are we doomed?


No, we’re not doomed. Even though this news is devastating to our role as a private security company, representing steps forward as a community and then taking a big one backward, there are still more positives that we face on a daily basis in the communities we live in. The good outweighs the bad, but only if this information is used to empower ourselves on how we can remain safe.


What do we do from here?


We do what we have always done—only better! The control is in our own hands; it always has been! Simple tasks:


  • Ensure that our individual homes and businesses are sufficiently protected. With proper perimeter protection, regular alarm testing, and ensuring adequate access control to your premises, peace of mind is not a winding road but rather a simple 100m sprint.
  • Open cases with the SAPS. We can’t stress this enough; the more cases opened, the more SAPS resources our area will receive.
  • Arm your alarms! A simple act that can be the difference between becoming a victim and becoming a survivor.


For more information on your security system, please feel free to contact our team. Communication is the number one step to a safer tomorrow.