On a routine patrol late on Tuesday evening, Armed Response Officer B112 noticed a suspicious individual in Caledon Street. To Officer B112’s sharp instincts, it was clear that something was amiss. As our officer approached the man, he attempted to conceal himself, undoubtedly aware that his actions were under scrutiny. Without hesitation, Officer B112 promptly contacted the SAPS, leading to the swift apprehension of the suspect for possession of stolen property.
Yet, the relentless pursuit of justice did not end there. In the early hours of Wednesday morning, our officers once again demonstrated their commitment to safeguarding our community. They apprehended two individuals, caught red-handed in the act of stealing copper pipes.
The vigilance, bravery, and awareness of our Uitenhage officers serve as a shining testament to their determination and steadfast resolve. Their dedication to protecting the community is truly commendable.