Mount Pleasant Residents Tied Up And Told To Cooperate During House Robbery

A gang of 3 suspects entered a home through the back door in Gladys Road during the early hours of Thursday morning. The suspects tied up the resident and their daughters and questioned the victim on the whereabouts of the safe. Two of the suspects had firearms while another had a knife.

After tying up the victims, the intruders proceeded to ransack the entire property, stealing all cellphones and bank cards before fleeing in a white VW Polo with the stolen safe.

Atlas Security and all role players arrived on the scene after receiving a panic signal from the home. We’re pleased to report the victims didn’t sustain any injuries

The scene was secured and handed over to the South African Police services for further investigation and processing.

Staying calm and following the orders of the armed intruder was a life-saving decision. It is a fact that even the suspects in this type of situation are on edge and any sudden movements or signs of retaliation could make them panic, and land up in your life being taken. 

With the recent spike of house robberies in Nelson Mandela Bay, it’s incredibly important to equip yourself with knowledge, should you ever be in the unfortunate position. Watch the video below: