Safety ignites your journey to success. Momentum Insure’s purpose is to make sure that clients feel safe so they can enjoy living their best life. Making clients feel safe goes beyond what exists in the products they offer. Creating a feeling of safety extends to their interaction with clients and how they make them feel. Momentum Insure is a car and home insurance company that offers tailored products, unique benefits, and rewards solutions.


Their product offering allows for a variety of options and great flexibility, providing insurance to clients based on their personal and service preferences; all of which are underpinned by their commitment to provide safety, to not only keeping clients, their loved ones, and their possessions safe, but keeping them safe and confident on the journey to success.


Join South Africans owning their safety.


As a Momentum Insure client, clients get access to Momentum Safety Alert. It provides access to over 1800-armed responders 24/7/365 days a year, of which Atlas Security is one of them, at no additional cost. From security to emergency medical assistance, Safety Alert is there for all their clients and a nominated loved one at the touch of a button, when they feel unsafe or need assistance. So, add to your safety joining Momentum Insure today.


Here’s how Safety Alert works at the touch of a button, you get:


  • An interactive map and real-time messaging allowing a client or a nominated user to track the emergency response vehicle’s movement. The armed responder will be sent to the last known GPS location of the user who initiated the Momentum Safety Alert button.
  • An SMS sent to the person who initiated the alert with details such as the name of the responder, the type of vehicle and time of arrival.
  • Calls from the control centre, once the button is initiated until the issue is resolved, to make sure that they are safe.


Want to be part of South Africans that are owning their safety? Switch to Momentum Insure today. For more information call your regional office at 041 260 0522 or send an email to Carmen Nefdt.