Notice to Atlas Security Clients in Summerstrand

The advent of Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) has not only changed the way we work and play but has also heralded the launch of a number of advances for the security industry. Atlas Security strives to remain at the forefront of these developments and with this in mind, we are pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with MetroFibre to bring affordable, reliable, uncapped fibre to your home.

The agreement with MetroFibre will facilitate several Atlas Security projects, not least of which will be a proposed increase in the number of cameras in the streets and improved camera technology.

With the assistance of the MetroFibre team, we have developed several fibre internet bundles for our clients. We can now offer you MetroFibre Internet Service Provider’s premium services, at specially reduced rates, exclusive only to our Atlas clients. Please refer to table below for your options.

All prices are VAT inclusive. Terms & Conditions Apply

To sign up for this exclusive offer please visit

The Fibre infrastructure roll-out has started in Summerstrand and will extend through Humewood, South End and beyond. MetroFibre recently completed a micro-trenching proof of concept which was approved by the local council.  Micro-trenching is a quick and unobtrusive method of installing fibre using a specialised machine with trained operators who cut a narrow and shallow trench into the road surface, right alongside the pavement where the curb and the tarmac meet.  This means no open trenches on the roadside and greatly reduces the chances of damage to water and power supply – so no unsightly and messy pavements and driveways to contend with. A micro-trench is typically 30 to 50 millimetres wide and can be up to 400 millimetres deep. The cut is narrow enough to drive over so traffic flow will not be affected. The fibre conduit and cable are placed in this micro-trench and the area is backfilled and sealed with a specialised trench grout which restores the road back to its original surface. Being installed beneath the road surface also protects the fibre from typical roadside work and minimises the chances of your fibre lines being cut.

Micro-trenching at up to 3km per day, and with a smaller labour force, the speed of deployment means a greatly reduced and more easily managed security concern.

MetroFibre Networx (Pty) Ltd was established in 2010 as an Open Access Network service provider providing Carrier Class Ethernet services over fibre infrastructure.  Metrofibre is a member of the FTTH Council (Africa) and a founder member of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) in South Africa and owns and operates a carrier grade MEF certified network.  Open access means that MetroFibre owns and manages the infrastructure and has partnerships with all leading internet service providers (ISP) on their network. This benefits residents by allowing you to choose your preferred ISP at a price and speed suitable for your needs.

Headquartered in Gauteng, MetroFibre is investing in Port Elizabeth and the community, establishing offices and employing sales and support staff locally over the coming months. In addition, the company will be training and developing teams of specialist fibre installers to bolster the roll-out and support capabilities in Port Elizabeth.

If you have any security concerns, please contact Wayne Hart at Atlas Security on 0861 585 585.  For any queries on the MetroFibre side please contact Colin Roberts on or 073 001 4674.

Alternatively please visit to express interest and for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any security related concerns please contact Wayne Hart from Atlas Security on 0861 585 585 or

For any fibre related queries please direct the Atlas clients to contact Colin Roberts from MetroFibre Networx on 073 001 4674 or or

When is Fibre coming to my house?

  • Metrofibre are rolling out into Summerstrand in phases

Please refer to the interactive map on for details as to when the fibre roll out will be in your area and passing homes and businesses in Summerstrand. This will be updated as the build progresses into other areas too.

What is the impact to my house and property?

  • Metrofibre will be using low impact unobtrusive micro trenching

This means no open trenches on your pavement or driveways and greatly reduces the chances of damage to water and power supply – so no unsightly and messy pavements and driveways to contend with. Once the fibre is installed in the street, MetroFibre will hand trench a small portion to get the fibre into your home to install the Fibre Installation Point (Termination Point)

What is the Atlas and Metrofibre agreement and what does this mean for the Atlas client?

  • Atlas and MetroFibre have entered into a Cooperation Agreement to bring affordable, reliable, uncapped fibre to Atlas client homes

This agreement will enable Atlas clients to sign up for MetroFibre Internet Service Provider’s premium services, at specially reduced rates, exclusive only to our Atlas clients.

How do I sign up to express interest?

  • By filling in the form on the website which has an expression of interest section

Atlas clients can sign up for an obligation free expression of interest

To qualify for the Atlas value bundle offering, select “Atlas Security” on the “How did you hear about us” section

What will it cost me to have an activated fibre line in my home?

What are the Installation and Connection Fees?

If a termination point has already been installed into your home – Installation cost is R0 charge during build phase and an activation fee of R575 incl VAT which includes a Wi-Fi router

In order to qualify for the free termination point installation, the client must sign up for this within the time frames as indicated by MetroFibre following the initial expression of interest completed by the Atlas client

Refer to for the installation timelines

I.e. an Atlas client will only have to pay the R575 once off activation fee to enable a fibre service into a home

After build phase, standard installation fees apply

How could I get the Atlas Fibre deal if I don’t live in Summerstrand?

  • Atlas clients outside of Summerstrand may want to get the preferential fibre rates

Advise clients that the Atlas & MetroFibre offering is currently only in Summerstrand. As MetroFibre expands in PE, the offer will be extended to new areas in a phased approach.

Why is the DPS value offering a better rate?

  • Active DPS clients have better monthly fibre rates than non DPS clients

Atlas has negotiated an additional benefit for its active DPS clients over and above the already preferential rate for Atlas clients

For further details please refer to the links below for further details:

MetroFibre FAQs

MetroFibre Terms and Conditions