Operation Duty Calls – Festive Season

The holiday season is upon and soon we will be entering the festive season. A season that must represent goodwill and reconciliation; however over the past years, the opposite holds true.

Atlas Security has beefed up operations to ensure a safe and secure environment during the festive season. This has been done by establishing uncompromised security measures, limiting the probability occurring of any critical incidents and limiting the impact through planning.

Atlas Security has signed several MOU’s with various SAPS branches. These MOU’s cements the working relationship between Atlas Security and the SAPS. It also allows us the appropriate jurisdiction when doing operations with the SAPS.

This relationship enhances the efficiency and effectiveness to fight crime and to promote synergy with other institutions. We will continue to share information, resources and responsibility to achieve one common goal… for a safer festive season.

However, we would like to plea with the community, to remain vigilant and alert. Before you depart for your holiday, please ensure that you have a working alarm system – without a signal, our teams cannot respond. Our more than 41 Armed Response vehicles across the bay will continue to patrol and be on standby for any emergency, in their strategically positioned stationed points.

We urge the business sector to ensure that they beef up the security in their business precinct so that Atlas Security and the SAPS can focus on fighting crime in the community. Businesses are known to be targets during the festive season, from burglaries, theft and armed robberies.

Nelson Mandela Bay is facing serious challenges of crime which has taken a new dimension of being more callous, aggressive and violent, we have no option but to succeed in dealing with the crime scourge. Atlas Security has taken a multi-layered approach to security in a number of areas, this includes our 11 DPS areas which has its own vehicle that never leaves the area, backed with technology in the form of CCTV. Our CCTV infrastructure has yielded unprecedented results, allowing us to prevent a crime from happening or video surveillance to assist the SAPS in their investigations.

Here’s How To Prepare Your Home For That Holiday

Embarking upon a long holiday comes with its fair share of prep work. You will be busy booking tickets, planning day trips, deciding what you will need to bring, etc. and so on. But one thing many might not think about, or at least not until the last minute, is how to prepare your home before going on a long holiday.

There is plenty that needs to be done, checked and organised, after all, it’s certainly not advisable to just head out the door for a month without much of a second thought. So, to guide you along, we’ve assembled a list of things to be done to make sure your home is the way you left it once you return. 

Security and home maintenance

The statistics show that if your home is occupied while you are away there is little chance of it being burgled. Many insurance companies prefer it if you have a house sitter because the home never looks unattended or vacant. A House Sitter can also:

  • Able to make the home look like it’s occupied
  • Keeping the garden neat and tidy gives the home a lived-in feel.
  • Bring in your mail, and forward it to you if that is needed.
  • Put out the rubbish each week.
  • Provide security for your home and contents just by being there.
  • Your home will be clean and tidy ready for your return.

With the rise of the internet come advancements in smart home technology. Numerous appliances can now be controlled remotely from your smartphone, and home lighting is no exception.

Smart lighting enables you to switch your lights on from your mobile whilst you are sipping on a cocktail on the beach. This is a great investment and allows you to take control of your lighting and give the illusion of someone being at home whilst you are enjoying your time away. It is also possible to receive a live video stream from your security cameras using the same technology, keeping you connected from wherever you are. Atla Security provides a great solution for a smart way of living with Atlas Smart

It is incredibly important that if you are going away, you provide us with a contact number of someone our control room can contact in the event of an activation, which may require our armed response officer to do an internal check. Please contact our control room on 0861 585 585 to change or add any new keyholders.


Port Elizabeth for the most part can be very unpredictable with the weather. It can go from hot sunny to windy in a few minutes, this can also lead to your outdoor beams or alarm system triggering. We ask that in the event you have updated your keyholder and that there is someone to meet our armed response on-site to do a full perimeter and internal check. Before you leave for your holiday destination, look for items that could blow over in gusts of strong winds, and protect pipes from potentially freezing by insulating them.

Arm your security system and distribute codes appropriately: Your home security system exists for exactly this circumstance. Make sure that you arm your system and give codes to anyone coming to mind your pets or perform errands for you while you are away. Also, don’t forget to alert your monitoring company that you will be away so that they are fully prepared to assist you with home security while on vacation.

Don’t boast about your holiday plans on social media

Letting the Internet know all about your plans in advance (or posting photos of your trip while you’re out of town) can serve as an open invitation to thieves looking for an empty house.

Don’t leave convenient break-and-enter tools in an unlocked garden shed

If your home has a little storage shed out back, lock it up. Otherwise, you may inadvertently make it easier for a thief by supplying them with a handy hammer, axe or crowbar that you’ve left behind in your unsecured shed.

Check your household insurance

Make sure you have the cover you need and that it remains valid while you are away. While buying an adequate level of cover for your possessions may seem obvious, are there any exclusions in your policy that could render it void if, for instance, you are away from home for more than a certain number of days? What about if you let a house-sitter live in your home to look after pets? Should you notify the insurer? Are you covered if a non-family member stays in your home? Atlas Security has partnered with a number of insurance companies, and as an Atlas client, you could benefit from massive savings on household insurance. More details here: Atlas Insure

Of course, taking steps to secure your house can make a big difference. However, if the worst happens, you need to be prepared!

Our control room is available 24 hours a day for any questions or assistance on 0861 585 585