Panic Button Signals Arrests

With a push of a button, disaster was averted for a Sherwood resident on Thursday after two armed “door kickers” fled from her property when her Atlas Security alarm went off.

Armed with crowbars, the suspects approached the front door of the home, the vigilant resident noticed movement and immediately hit her panic button, leading the suspects to flee, however, the homeowner managed to write down their vehicle’s registration number.

The registration number was quickly circulated among Atlas Security and the SAPS

On-going communication between Atlas Security and the SAPS lead to both suspects being detained two hours later in Buffelsfontein Road.
Atlas Security spokesperson, Wayne Hart said a panic button went a long way in raising the alarm quickly.
“This entire situation could have been different for the homeowners if they did not have the necessary protection,”

We urge homeowners to ensure their security gates and doors are of good quality and securely locked.

The suspects had been detained at the Kabega Park police station.
“The police will be running checks to if the suspects have been linked to any past crime.”