Pinelands, still being a fairly new suburb, experienced a high rate of break-ins during 2016 and 2017. It was noted that it could have been as a result of movement in the area, construction and homes that weren’t equipped yet with the necessary security systems in place, this made the area vulnerable.

In November 2017, Atlas Security installed it’s first CCTV pole in the Pinelands area at the entrance. We were now able to monitor and identify suspicious vehicles entering and leaving this specific area, including an additional “overwatch” camera which allows us to observe the surrounding area.

Atlas Security clients in the Pinelands area have not had a single break-in since November 2017! This is a huge milestone as we continue our fight against crime. Having recently arrested a suspect in Pinelands, who attempted to break-in into a home in Overbaakens, the suspect was linked to more than 7 house break-ins.

Thank you to our valued clients who continue to contribute to the efforts of Atlas Security, to the clients and residents who remain vigilant and report suspicious activity and arm their alarms… working together is what will allow us to continue delivering results like this.


I am an Atlas Security client, what am i paying for?

You’re paying for more than just peace of mind; as a valued client to Atlas Security, you paying for TRUST, a service where more than 150 Armed Response Officers are there to take care of your home, business, family and area, you’re paying for a SAIDSA compliant control room with 80 staff members on standby ready to assist you, whether it be a medical situation or a break-in, a fire… most emergency situations.. WE are here.

You’re paying towards a locally owned security family business, backed with 35 years of experience, a family committed towards the same goal – to drive the element of criminal activity out of our city. You’re paying towards YOUR safety and our investment back into the community by providing more than 70 CCTV Poles, monitoring and responding to over 300 WhatsApp and Telegram Security and Community Groups 24 hours a day.

You paid to assist us in making 352 arrests for the year of 2018 and 83 arrests so far for 2019. You’re paying to allow us to polygraph EVERY single staff member pre-employment and randomly during their time at Atlas Security.

What you don’t pay for –

The fastest response times… 
We dispatch our ARMED response vehicles as soon as we get a priority signal activation, our control room then contacts you to confirm if all is in order. Fact: We have more than 40 Armed Response Vehicles servicing Nelson Mandela Bay at at given time.

What WE DO is provide the best Security Solution for your needs – without compromise! What makes Atlas Security different… This!