Atlas Security increased its presence in Sidwell after a recent increase in crime. This operation resulted in success in the early hours of Sunday morning.

While doing a proactive patrol at a client’s premises in Kempston Road, Atlas Security Armed Response Officer, B99, saw a suspect climbing out of a window. Our Officer called for backup, gave chase, and apprehended the suspect. Back-up arrived and apprehended a second suspect hiding on the roof. Both suspects were handed over to the SAPS, and Armed Response recovered the stolen items.

Understanding the security of your business should not start with: “What systems have I put in place?” but rather: “Why have I put certain systems in place?”.

Perimeter protection is the first line of defence for your business. Let’s assume that you have an electric fence around your premises to keep people out, but what if they breach that line by cutting it? You then have burglar bars to prevent access into the building, but what if they breach that as well by bending and breaking them? They now have a clear line of access to your assets, and can grab what they want with an exit path made by their entry.

Did you know that there are ways for our Control Room to detect criminals as soon as they come close to your premises? That there are ways to know that the fence has been cut as soon as it happens?

Atlas Security offers multiple perimeter protection solutions such as linked fence monitoring, which sends a signal to our Control Room as soon as the fence is tampered with. We offer proactive CCTV solutions, including cameras that can detect human movement. This allows us to detect and monitor criminals while dispatching Armed Response before they even get to your fence.

These are only two examples of the multiple solutions that give you the upper hand on criminals targeting your business, and give us a better chance at catching these criminals.

For more information on how to take the security of your business to the next level, you are welcome to contact the Atlas Security team for an obligation-free risk assessment, which we will do at no cost.