The Atlas Power Boost has been designed specifically to counteract the destructive impact that load shedding is having on the alarm system back up batteries. The Alarm systems back up batteries are predominately of the lead acid variety that requires a relatively long “charge up” time. With Stage 2 and Stage 3 load shedding, the reality is that the back-up battery is not getting enough time to charge up fully. The effect is cumulative, which can result in an alarm system that, at best, false alarms, or at worst, does not function at all!

Unlike some back-up systems, the Atlas Power Boost does not merely “add” another battery to the alarm system. Alarm system battery chargers are designed to charge one back up battery, and to keep that battery at a high level of charge. They were never designed to back up complete alarm systems, repeatedly, on a daily basis for hours at a time! Although the practice of adding another battery will increase the battery back-up time, there may well be future technical problems, due to the additional load, and resultant, heat generated by the charger.

The Atlas Power Boost is designed to maintain a separate battery, in a fully charged state, which is only “switched” into the alarm battery supply, when Load Shedding is applied. As soon as the municipal power is restored, the additional back up battery is “switched out” from the alarm system.

The Atlas Power Boost makes use of a separate “intelligent” battery charger fed from a switched mode power supply. The charger is intelligent in that the state of the Power Boost’s battery charge is monitored, and the charge rate is adjusted to prevent over / under charging of the battery.

An Atlas Power Boost 2 is also available. This option is suitable for the bigger type of alarm installations as well as for most commercial and industrial installations.

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