Atlas Security launches new fibre offering to provide value to loyal clients

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with MetroFibre to bring affordable, reliable, uncapped fibre to your home.

With the assistance of the MetroFibre team, we have developed several fibre internet bundles for our clients. We can now offer you MetroFibre Internet Service Provider’s premium services, at specially reduced rates, exclusive only to our Atlas Security clients. The MetroFibre service is available in Summerstrand, Humewood and South End.

          All prices are VAT inclusive. Terms & Conditions Apply

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What Is Micro-Trenching?

Micro-trenching is a quick and unobtrusive method of installing fibre using a specialised machine with trained operators who cut a narrow and shallow trench into the road surface, right alongside the pavement where the curb and the tarmac meet.  This means no open trenches on the roadside and greatly reduces the chances of damage to water and power supply – so no unsightly and messy pavements and driveways to contend with. A micro-trench is typically 30 to 50 millimetres wide and can be up to 400 millimetres deep. The cut is narrow enough to drive over so traffic flow will not be affected. The fibre conduit and cable are placed in this micro-trench and the area is backfilled and sealed with a specialised trench grout which restores the road back to its original surface. Being installed beneath the road surface also protects the fibre from typical roadside work and minimises the chances of your fibre lines being cut.


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