Atlas is constantly testing new and improved strategies to ensure their clients safety. Panic systems and ICE ATLAS, together with alarm tampering devices are fast becoming the order of the day as residents do everything they can to keep themselves and their belongings safe from the claws of crime. Here are some additional products/facilities Atlas is able you offer you:

ICE Atlas is an emergency panic service that allows a client to use their cell phone to discreetly raise a panic alarm without having to communicate verbally or activate a siren.

It is ideally suited to anybody who appreciates the peace of mind of a 24-hour armed response service, but does not want or need a full alarm system. This includes pensioners; persons living in flats or residential estates; office workers; people who rent their homes; and many more.

By using a unique integration of GSM and intruder detection technologies combined with Atlas Security’s extensive resources, ICE is able to provide a single point of contact for any emergency. The ICE Panic Alarm is activated by pressing a pre-set speed dial button on your cell phone, which immediately initiates a sequence of assistance to the client. Firstly, the cell phone number will be routed via our alarm monitoring base, enabling us to identify the caller and their default location. The controller will immediately despatch an armed reaction officer to the default location and simultaneously attempt to reach the person by telephone to verify the emergency. In the event that the call is not answered the situation is escalated to duress protocols and the controller will commence calling the contact list that the client provided.


ICE is provided as service to Atlas Security’s alarm monitoring and armed response clients and is also available as a complete stand-alone service. Additional cell phones can be loaded on the ICE system for each client, making this an ideal security solution for many different applications. From offices to restaurants, retail stores to factories, or even just as extra peace of mind for the whole family, ICE means knowing that help is always nearby!

A Caller ID and speed dial enabled cell phone and a simple registration process is all that is required to get you 24-hour peace of mind.
Fixed panics are a standard part of our alarm equipment offering and at Atlas we feel that not even the simplest alarm system is complete without panic buttons.

Remote panics are a more modern addition to home and office intruder detection and prevention. Remote panics are highly recommended by us to enhance your current system. Directly linked to our control centre and with an order to dispatch first and phone later, these handy devices could save yours, your family’s or your staff’s lives. Easily carried around one’s neck or in a pocket, most remote panics have a range of up to 80m from base (your transmitter).


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