As a homeowner your options are extremely limited if you suddenly need to ward off an attacker. Restrictive laws for the carrying of fire arms and storage thereof are complicated and limiting. Pepper spray remains the most effective means of warding off an attacker from a distance.

Simply point the unit at the attacker’s head and depress the actuator button. A heavy stream of powerful protection will discharge from the actuator to a range up to 10 feet (varies with wind condition). A short blast of pepper spray will totally incapacitate one or more attackers for up to 30 minutes. One shot to the face causes instant panic and extreme discomfort. To stop firing, release thumb pressure. It is a practical and positive means of protection. Pepper spray contains a natural dyeing agent which will visibly mark an attacker for positive identification.


Facts show that 70% of people who are attacked have keys in their hands. Pepper spray can be attached to your car/house keys enabling defense from human and animal attacks. It is a legal way of guaranteed protection for you and your family.

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