Atlas 4 Warned alert provides local early warning. Outdoor beams are designed as an early warning indication before an attempt is made to breach the physical perimeter to your home. Localised speaker units will emit a voice annunciation allowing you to identify the specific area that has been violated eg. “Intruder in front garden area”. This ‘early warning’ alarm is designed to be left on 24hours a day to prevent unwanted intruders sneaking onto your property.

The Atlas 4 Warned system is built on the robustness & false alarm immunity benefits that hard wired beams systems have to offer. This system is primarily based around false alarm immunity where other systems are switched off soon after installation due to irritating non-genuine activations. Furthermore the beams are not reliant on batteries in the peripheral sensors that require constant checking and replacement.

This system can also be connected to existing outdoor beam installations. In order to function effectively, the beams require unobstructed line-of-sight along their detection path.