These days, alarm systems can consist of many elements which make up the system – including passive infrared detectors, magnetic contacts, panic buttons, outdoor beams, CCTV systems and electric fencing, amongst other things.
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    Test your Alarm on a regular basis at least once a month.

    • Advise ATLAS of any faults as soon as possible
    • Test your fixed and remote panic buttons regularly
    • Dropping or bumping these items could render them inoperable
    • Ensure your alarm system communicates both via radio & telephone links
    • Make sure all alarm users, domestics & babysitters are familiar with our emergency call centre phone number and program it as a pre-set number in your home phone and mobile phone – 0861 585 585
    • Advise Atlas of any changes to your risk profile i.e. alterations to your building or new equipment housed in areas

    “The use of Magnetic door and window contacts on all your external doors and windows are strongly recommended by Atlas Security and are one of the minimum specification standards required by all South African Insurance Association (SAIA) Approved alarm installations. Failure to install these door contacts can seriously compromise your security.”