Atlas CCTV Insight makes use of analytical cameras in this package, to offer clients the most advanced and responsive CCTV solution. The analytical cameras allow for “virtual fences” to be set on the perimeter of your premises with the added benefit of allowing for true motion detection and differentiation between human and other movements in the designated area. The system can be set to ensure that when a signal is triggered, in all or only specific areas, an alert is sent to our control room. The control room will then immediately dispatch armed response.

Atlas Security’s analytical camera option is best suited for commercial use and residential estates with large perimeter fences that require monitoring. However, it is beneficial for individual household use as well.

Parameters and Time Zones can be set on these cameras to only trigger at specific times of the day and for specific types of motion, be they human or otherwise. This allows you complete control and management over your alarm system and its triggers.

For our premier product offering, it is recommended that your specific needs be discussed with an Atlas Sales Representative to assess the number of cameras that are needed and the best solution for your monitoring requirements.


With the Surveillance Lite package, Atlas CCTV Insight will link your cameras to your alarm system. Atlas Security and the control room will not have access to view your cameras except for when the alarm zone associated with that specific camera has been triggered. This ensures your privacy is never compromised. The cameras are only accessed to provide visual assistance when needed and when an alarm is triggered. The Atlas CCTV Insight operator will be able to view the incident that triggered the alarm as well as view the scene – while contacting the client and dispatching the armed response officer to the scene. Surveillance Lite gives the Atlas CCTV Insight operator the unique ability to accurately and effectively respond to a positive alarm activation and to better identify false alarms.

The product can also be tailored so that only certain cameras are accessible to the Atlas Security control room – to further ensure client privacy.

Surveillance Lite is suitable for commercial and residential use and is a reactive tool to assist in instances of a triggered alarm.

There are a number of hardware options that can be used with the Surveillance Lite option including a personalised option, however, the most common choices are as follows:

  • 4 Channel option:  4 Bullet or Dome cameras, 4 channel DVR, 1TB Hard drive, Power Supply, up to 100m of cable
  • 8 Channel option:  8 Bullet or Dome cameras, 8 channel DVR, 1TB Hard drive, Power Supply, up to 200m of cable
  • 16 Channel option:  16 Bullet or Dome cameras, 16 channel DVR, 1TB Hard drive, Power Supply, up to 200m of cable

-Installation for all packaged not included
-Paid access to secure DDNS server for all packages not included
-T’s and C’s Apply
-Surveilance Lite is only compatible with certain Hikvision and AVTECH models.

In a world that is constantly evolving – So should your security system!
Criminals are becoming smarter and more strategic with how and when they commit their crimes. Your security system needs to be one step ahead of them. AT ALL TIMES!

Atlas CCTV Insight is a tool to stay one step ahead! With CCTV options to suit your needs, take a step into the future of protection. Let Atlas Security Insight be your eyes when you can’t.


Our armed response unit and control room is considered the number one team in Nelson Mandela Bay – for service levels, technological advances, and structure of operations. At Atlas we pride ourselves on keeping response times low and this is monitored in detail daily – both from the side of the control room and also the armed response officers on the road.



When it comes to protecting your business it is impossible for you to be on-site at all times. But with Atlas CCTV Insight you can have peace of mind that we have sight on your business when the need arises.

From high tech, analytical cameras that will alert our control room as soon as an intruder is detected in the monitored area – allowing us to respond before a crime has even been committed (depending on camera placement) and thus offering you the best possible protection – to an entry-level camera system linked to your alarm – allowing us to view the scene when an alarm is triggered. Atlas CCTV Insight also allows you access to the video feed from your personal mobile devices or PC at any time you wish to view the feed.

Atlas CCTV Insight has a CCTV Solution to suit your business’ specific needs and your budget. Whether your business is a large factory or a retail store, let Atlas Security offer you the next level of security with Atlas CCTV Insight.


Protecting your home and your family is always the first priority when setting up your security system.

Make sure you are offering them the most advanced protection system on the market and ensuring an extra set of eyes on the scene during an emergency.

With a range of CCTV solutions, Atlas CCTV Insight will not only ensure that the armed response is well equipped and well informed for the scene that awaits them when your alarm triggers.

Or simply be aware of what’s happening in or around your home when you’re not there.

From the neighbours’ cat walking through your yard, to what the kids are up to after school… Atlas CCTV Insight allows you to always have eyes on your property through remote monitoring on your mobile devices or PC.


Keep your eye on the world around you without leaving the safety and comfort of your home.

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