Atlas Lithium Supplementary Power Supply

Eskom’s implementation of load-shedding and blackouts due to infrastructure breakdowns brings an unexpected challenge to maintaining alarm systems. All alarm systems are equipped with batteries to carry them through power failures of up to 4 hours (depending on the amount of equipment connected to the panel). Under normal circumstances, the panel will recharge the battery over the next 10 – 12 hours and the system will then be ready for the next power outage.

However, when Eskom implements load-shedding, the battery does not get enough time to fully recharge. After a few days of these breaks, the battery struggles to cope and will eventually not be able to carry your alarm system during load shedding. This is not a desirable position for you or for Atlas Security.

Atlas Security embarked on an exercise to develop a battery system that could cope better with the load-shedding scenario. We are excited to inform you that we have been able to develop (together with a local technology company) a Supplementary Power Supply that will ease the load on the alarm battery and ensure that your alarm stays operational during load-shedding and also extend the life of your alarm battery.

The Atlas Supplementary Power Supply incorporates an intelligent charging circuit that will ensure that the battery is optimally charged after a power failure. The charger will go into a fast charge mode (within the battery manufacturers’ specifications) to boost the charge and replenish the battery as fast as possible without stressing the battery. This will allow 80% of the charge to be replenished within a 4-hour period, as opposed to the standard alarm charger, which will take 16 hours to do. Once the battery is fully charged, the intelligent charger will go into a “float” charge mode which will ensure that the battery is not overcharged and is kept at ideal standby voltage levels. The Lithium battery is capable of up to 6000 cycles as opposed to the 400 cycles of most Lead Acid/Gel batteries.

The Lithium Supplementary Power Supply can be retrofitted to most alarm systems and will require installation by a qualified Atlas Technician as it needs to be connected to your battery inside the alarm panel.

The Supplementary Power Supply can also be configured to run as a Power Pack if required. With the Lithium Battery, the battery backup will be increased by up to 100% over the normal Sealed Lead Acid batteries currently in use.

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