High in value and easily disposed of – guns, jewellery and other such items are valued prizes for gangs of robbers looking for a “high-return” cash cow.

Here are some tips and advice on how to protect your safe and yourself against possible attack.

Exterior protection of your premises ensures intruders are kept out; however, what if these areas are breached? Gates inadvertently left open or intruders masquerading with an arbitrary false reason such as a request for sponsorship, pose a serious risk. For this reason, second-line defences such as interior controls are required. When an intruder is able to penetrate the perimeter controls and the building exterior, the interior controls must be able to stop them in their tracks. The extent of interior controls will be determined by considering the monetary, sentimental and practical value of items or areas to be protected.

Installing an Atlas alarm system ensures that your premises are safe from intruders when you are not present. However, have you considered whether your family and possessions could be in danger even though you are present? Little do we realise, that when we are caught unawares by intruders, there is only a small chance of alerting Atlas to the situation – if you are close to a panic button or carry a remote panic button around your neck.

A highly effective innovation that we have implemented is the GunSafe alarm – securing your most valuable possessions, weapons and ammunition in your home safe, cupboards or storerooms. Even though the premises’ alarm is deactivated in the rest of the home when somebody is there, the GunSafe constantly stays activated. The only way it can be deactivated is when you bypass the safe’s zone by entering the appropriate security code. In the event of the perpetrators attempting to force the cupboard or safe open or force it from its mountings, an immediate alarm will then alert Atlas Security to your emergency.

For more information on this facility please contact our Sales Department on 0861 585 585 or email sales@atlas24.co.za to arrange for a security professional to visit your home or business.