Putting Boots on the Ground Results in Sunridge Park Success

During the early hours of Monday morning, the Atlas Security Control Room started receiving multiple alerts of trespassing and restless dogs in Cassia Drive and Hawthorne Avenue. Atlas Security Armed Response Officers decided that it was time to get their feet on the ground and begin a manhunt for the suspects.

They parked their vehicles in Gazania Avenue and the search began. They covered the streets on foot for two and a half hours before they got a visual of the three suspects that they were looking for. They knew that the suspects weren’t yet aware of their presence, so they hid behind walls and waited for their targets to walk straight into the trap.

Once they got into the target zone, the Armed Response Officers moved in and the chase began. With minimal information on what the suspects were carrying, caution had to be taken in the ambush, which proved to be the correct approach when one suspect opened fire while running away. They sadly disappeared again between the houses.

Knowing that the suspects were now hiding somewhere in Cassia Drive, Armed Response Officers shut the street down and positioned themselves strategically with clear visuals of the area. The suspects were surrounded and had nowhere to go, so it was a matter of time until they flinched, which is exactly what one suspect did when he popped his head out from his hiding spot underneath a vehicle. B14 spotted him and chased him down, finally placing the suspect in handcuffs and handing him over to the SAPS. We have no doubt that the SAPS will successfully trace down the remaining two suspects and bring them to justice.

Credit goes to our team on the ground for not giving up. Failure was simply not an option as these suspects have been terrorizing the community for too long, and they needed to understand that these are our streets, criminals have no freedom in the space that our families call home.