We LOVE holidays, but so do criminals as they use this time to target homes they perceive to be vacant. This is why it’s important to ensure that this long Easter weekend your property, whether it being a business or your home is adequately protected and secured, and if you have anyone looking after your home they have the knowledge on how to use your alarm.

If you are getting a house-sitter, make sure you meet with them a few days before you leave to run them through your alarm system and security measures. If you have someone just “checking up” on your house, this would be a keyholder, please contact our control room to make us aware, also we would need their contact number in the event of an activation of your alarm for them to give us full access to your home or business should the need arise.

  1. BE PREPARED for loadshedding:

Fortunately, Eskom’s loadshedding has eased, but we have very little faith in Eskom’s ability to supply power, even when the “demand” seems low. Loadshedding could hit us at anytime, with very little warning. We have ensured that our control room can manage with the demand, should it hit us during the long weekend, but the responsibility to ensure your alarm is in a good working condition remains with you. We cannot stress enough that you have a battery that has the ability to work and keep your alarm on during long periods of loadshedding

2. Create the perception that someone is at home:

Remove all post and newspapers from your post box and get someone you trust to continue removing them while you are away. Do not leave lights on. Rather install a timer if you are able to.

3. Teach our children how to use the alarm system:

  • Show your children how to activate and de-activate the alarm system, as well as how and when to use other security devices such as panic buttons.
  • Always keep a list of emergency contacts near the telephone or on the fridge, within your children’s reach. This list should include all emergency contacts including the 10111 number, yours and your spouse’s numbers and any contact that you deem necessary.