Seaview Couple Tied Up With Electrical Cord And Curtain During House Robbery

A gang of four suspects entered a home by removing the main bedroom window frame at around 7pm on Wednesday night. The suspects went to the main lounge area where the elderly couple were watching TV, it was at this point that the victims were over powered. Monty Montgomery, Atlas Security’s Operations Manager said “The suspects demanded money from the couple and informed them to remain quiet, they tied the gentleman up with an electrical cord and cut off a piece of curtain to tie up the lady.”

The suspects turned the couple over so that they could not see what they were doing. They moved through the rooms in the house and asked the gentleman for the keys to the safe, after the victim confirmed that he did not have the keys with him, the suspects removed the safe from the wall and ripped the alarm panel. The suspects fled the scene of the crime with a safe and removed all cellphones that were in the home. After struggling for around 3 hours, the victims managed to free themselves and call for help.

In another incident in Charlo during the evening, suspects broke into a garage and stole a bicycle, we have noted a consistent trend where suspects gain entry into properties where there is very little to no protection – we highly recommend that you contact us to have our team to do a full assessment of your home, to ensure all areas are covered. Once we receive a signal, the risk is lower in terms of loss and there is a strong possibility of an arrest.

Monty advised residents to be vigilant when at home at all times and to ensure that perimeter fences are in good working order and that the electric fence is switched on. “We advise residents to carry a remote panic button. This will give you a better opportunity to be able to subtly call for help in an emergency if you notice any intruders on your property.”

Criminals rely on the element of surprise and the ability to find hiding places on your property that will facilitate this, so make sure there are no unkempt bushes or other potential hiding places near your house that they could crouch behind to lie in wait