At the crack of dawn a gun shot was fired at a Lancing Road residence. An SAPS member had heard the gun shot and proceeded towards the area – A concerned neighbour called our Control Room and notified us of the house robbery in progress.

The suspects derailed and removed the entire sliding door and entered the premises. Two suspects each had a 9mm and the others were armed with knives. With the neighbour hearing the commotion, warning shots were fired. 

The SAPS arrived on site as well as Atlas Security Armed Response and caught one suspect in the house – the rest of the suspects fled and a search pursued.

Please make sure your neighbours have a working alarm system, have conversations with them, get to know your neighbours. Incidents like these lure syndicates into your neighbourhood, putting you and the community at risk. These suspects are dangerous and armed! We cannot re-iterate the importance of having a working alarm system, or a panic system. 

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