One of the most crucial aspects of a Private Security Company is the size of its fleet, as it directly impacts how capable the company will be in servicing their clients. Then you need to take it one step further and determine how that fleet will be allocated to different needs of the customer, basically split into Armed Response vehicles and Technical vehicles.

The company needs to get this allocation correct as both departments are vital to the success of the alarm system, meaning that the clients’ lives are dependent on this split being correct. There needs to be enough Armed Response vehicles to ensure that all signals can be attended to in the event of multiple signals activating in any given sector.

Many signals that we respond to are false alarms for various reasons (including windows being left open and curtains blowing, animals inside the house, clients triggering the alarm at night by mistake etc.), but there needs to be a surplus of Armed Response Vehicles for the event that, while a vehicle is attending to an alarm, another family finds themselves in an emergency situation around the corner. Each and every signal is treated as an emergency so the Control Room won’t pick and choose which signals to attend to; this is when that surplus kicks in. Having the largest Armed Response Fleet allows for another vehicle to enter the area and respond to the second signal and a third vehicle to respond to a third signal and so on.

This is not only the case with the Armed Response Fleet. The technical fleet is just as vital to the safety of our clients. Repairs, maintenance and upgrades to alarm systems play a pivotal role in the safety of our clients. Without a working alarm system our control room won’t receive any signals, which means that there won’t be any Armed Response Officers coming to assist in an emergency.

This is why Atlas Security has invested in an additional 15 technical vehicles. It is a great step in building on the already premium service to our clients as we constantly look to improve and adapt to ever changing conditions. The additional vehicles are already out on the road and fulfilling their purpose.

Not only have our clients gained peace of mind that they are more covered than ever before, but it’s a boost for the local economy has the vehicles were purchased from the Kelston Motor Group on the William Moffatt Expressway, and branding done by local company, ECSD. It’s another way to show that we care about the development of the people in our metro, as local should support local as much as possible.

Be sure to hoot and wave when you see one of our new Hyundai Grand i10 vehicles.