Suburb Focus: Upper Walmer

We will be focusing on areas within Nelson Mandela Bay during the next few weeks. Highlighting areas with a concerning increase of criminal activity or areas where we have seen a great reduction in all crimes.

An area that has shown great success in terms of crime reduction is the “Upper Walmer” area. In 2017, this area had an average of 15 home invasions a month.

Through what was not only a busy holiday season, the time before and after the season has been tremendously active with criminal activity. This high level of activity was, however, prevented from affecting the Upper Walmer DPS area with Atlas Security’s strong presence combined with the CCTV infrastructure.

Speaking to Atlas Security, Jaco Rademeyer, principal of JRE says that since the inception of Atlas Security Dedicated Patrol Service (DPS) in the area, there has been a drastic decrease in all crimes, as a result the value of homes have increased, making this area one of the most secure areas in Port Elizabeth. “Upper Walmer” as it’s known, runs from 8th – 14th Avenue, this include Short, Water and Church Roads, with Main Road as the one border and the leafy Baakens Valley on the other side.

As clearly shown on our crime mapUpper Walmer remains one of the safest areas in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Each pin drop represents a positive incident, in this case most were break-ins

Regular strategic patrols from the Atlas Security DPS vehicles has been successfully watching over the area, which is how we were able to keep the stats down to only 3 positive burglaries during the past 6 months with 2 arrests.

Upper Walmer, we appreciate the privilege of keeping you safe, and will keep doing everything in our power to keep the stats low and the criminals away.

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