In a remarkable display of teamwork and coordination, a dedicated Atlas Security Sales Consultant, our armed response teams, the Neighborhood Watch (NHW), and the South African Police Service (SAPS) collaborated to apprehend a suspect following an alarming incident in Bluewater Bay.



Here’s how it all unfolded:


When an alarm for help was triggered, our armed response teams swiftly arrived at the scene. The situation was tense, with reports of an altercation between two individuals.


During the heated argument, one of the individuals retrieved a firearm from their vehicle and struck the other male on the arm. The assailant then fled the scene. A vigilant member of the public witnessed the suspect running and immediately alerted the authorities. Their quick thinking played a crucial role in the subsequent events.


Atlas Security Sales Consultant, whom we are not naming to protect his identity,  NHW members sprang into action, tracking down the suspect. Their dedication and familiarity with the community allowed them to spot the fleeing individual. Working hand in hand with SAPS, our armed response officer and NHW members located the suspect in the yard of another property. The suspect was apprehended without further incident. During the arrest, a firearm magazine was found on the suspect, with the firearm later being located.


Teamwork Triumphs: The seamless collaboration between Atlas Security, the NHW, and SAPS ensured a swift resolution. Our shared commitment to community safety led to the successful apprehension of the suspect. At Atlas Security, we’re so committed, that it’s not just our armed response officers assisting in arrests, but in this case, one of our own sales consultants too.


Kudos to everyone involved!