Suspect Apprehended on School Grounds in St Georges Park

The Atlas Security Control Room received an activation signal from a school in Macintosh Road, on Saturday afternoon. Armed Response was dispatched to the scene and the client was contacted, he indicated that there shouldn’t be anyone on the school grounds and our Control Room assured him that Response is already en route.

Armed Response Officers arrived and found that the suspect was still on site, and apprehended him before he was able to cause any damage or loss to the property.

The success of catching a suspect before they gain any access or cause any damage saves the clients time and money, which is a victory for our team and a victory for our clients. This is why exterior protection for any property is vital, as early detection allows us to do what we do best.

This school had beams which shattered the suspects hopes and dreams of a clean job. Do you have sufficient exterior protection? Contact our team for a quote to beef up your security solution today!